A greener chemical industry with AvoRe

A greener chemical industry with AvoRe

The ATOM-project, short for industriAl plaTform for flOw cheMistry, has been ongoing since July 2014 under the wings of FISCH (Flanders Innovation Hub for Sustainable Chemistry). The project focuses on the use of flow chemistry as an alternative for the multi-purpose batch industry, which is still commonly used in industrial production of various chemicals. In the last decades, considerable interest has arisen in this flow technology at laboratory scale as well as full scale application, especially driven by pharmaceutical industries.


ATOM is a collaboration between four industrial and four academic partners with a proven track record in the field of flow chemistry. The main aims of the project are:


  • To evaluate a number of processes from the collaborating companies, covering a wide array of process conditions and with a focus on scale-up of the process in order to be generic for other applications for both the developing companies and other interested parties.


  •  In order to be able to scale-up several processes, information will be needed to develop such new multi-purpose (pilot) plants based on flow chemistry.


  • Generating a scientific, technological and economical platform for flow chemistry in Flanders, which will be available for the chemical industry situated in this region.


Along with generating valuable information regarding flow chemistry for the partners within the ATOM-project, the knowledge generated within this project, together with the development of an (widely) accessible pilot plant facility, will be a very interesting platform for other companies to decide on the implementation of flow chemistry in a myriad of chemical processes.


If you are interested in the ATOM-project or the introduction of flow chemistry for your process, contact nils.devos[at]avore.be or erik.kiekens[at]avore.be. You can also visit the FISCH website.